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Custom Barn Doors

These doors were designed and built for a little girls nursery. Every detail was custom assembled, down to the ball bearing v-belt pulleys used as the glide wheels, threaded male adapters used as the wall spacers and a pair of old wooden spoons picked up at the local antique market to serve as the door handles. Not only do these doors look great, but they function just as well too.

Exterior Door Replacement

In this example, the customer had a rot issue with her basement door. The wooden door, brick molding and threshold had fairly severe damage. We replaced with a much more weather resistant steel door, added proper flashing above the door and replaced the threshold with an aluminum model. While we were at it, a new oiled bronze lock set was installed and a fresh coat of paint was applied, resulting in a much more functional and pleasing aesthetic.

And if you noticed the door bell removed from the after picture, who needs a door bell on your basement door anyway?