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We’re in process of revamping our services content now, so check back soon! In the meantime, check out our gallery to see some of our latest work!

Custom Barn Boors

These doors were designed and built for a little girls nursery. Every detail was custom assembled, down to the ball bearing v-belt pulleys used as the glide wheels, threaded male adapters used as the wall spacers and a pair of old wooden spoons picked up at the local antique market to serve as the door handles. Not only do these doors look great, but they function just as well too.

Poolside Tiki Bar

At this residence in Marietta, the pool pump and filter were an eye sore, and the hum of the pump motor running wasn’t exactly what you want to hear when your sipping a cold drink by your pool. So we got creative and built a tiki bar around the pool equipment, resulting in a dual purpose enclosure/tiki bar, fully equipped with¬† music and power for the margarita machine. That’s Jake, one of the Turner Blair owners giving the thumbs up!


“Lean-To” – a building sharing one wall with a larger building, and having a roof that leans against that wall… In case you were wondering.

This lean-to was designed to cover the customers fishing boat. It was stained to match the other wood structures on the property, and the reclaimed tin roof gave the cover just the rustic appeal the owner was shooting for.

And for the record, the water that you see under the lean-to was from run-off, not a leaky roof. It poured that day just before the picture was taken.